Radiantly Beholding the King

It’s been a while since I have visited here. In this return, I do so to reveal one of my best kept secrets which also happens to contain my greatest struggle. It is an anniversary date in fact which is to be commemorated here. I realized a few months ago that September 15, 2019 would mark the 15th anniversary of my publication, The King’s Court. The original piece was just intended to be a 2-page essay-type that I presented to my spiritual father to get his feedback on a teaching God had revealed to me. After reading the essay, Ps. Jim had urged me to expound more and even step out further to publish the work. So, I did, and here is what happened.

After months of locating a local printing company to complete the project, I worked tirelessly on edits and choreographed and photographed the picture to be used for the front cover. The excitement and anticipation built as I was only weeks away from having a major literary accomplishment in the palm of my hands. I even had several thoughts and plans of how I would publicize the book and stand out amongst the crowd

But that all fell short in that solitary moment when my hands first held that prized possession and the weight of the world seemed to fall upon my shoulders. The project I began with my mind and heart fixed on Jesus and what He was teaching me got buried beneath a sea of what I could only see. Where my eyes were once fixed on Him, they had fallen to be fixed on my own motive.

“Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.”

(Psalm 34:5)

And now, 15 years later, I wake up to the truth of what was that small peanut-sized knot in my gut the moment I held that first book which instigated this 15-year hesitation. I realized that in these last 15 years, I have lived the prophetic truth contained in the words I had jubilantly wrote. It wasn’t easy, and it still is not, but it is Truth. That peanut-size knot in my gut represented a valuable wrinkle in time, not time wasted, but time of pruning. I know now what I had missed back then, and I continue to pursue the King.

This book centers on a teaching in Proverbs 31. Its purpose is to usher the reader into a deeper relationship with Christ who is the King. We fall short in fulfilling the King’s mandate when our focus is misaligned. This new monthly series of blogs is purported to correct that malalignment to re-focus myself and anyone else following this blog so that we may run with relentless clarity the path that is set before us.

You can purchase a copy of The King’s Court on Amazon at the following link:


(it may currently appear to be ‘out of stock’, but it really isn’t. Once you complete the ordering processing, it will be sent to you directly from the publisher)

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