Do you remember …?

Do you remember where you were 5 years ago?

I do.

I went to bed at 1am that morning after spending 16 hours loading every single earthly possession I owned into a sixteen-foot moving truck.  I was awake again at 9am because I had an appointment to make it to that day.  I finished up a few odds and ends and unfortunately ended up about 3 hours behind schedule.  I finally drove my car up onto the tow-trailer connected to the moving truck and then I was ready to hit the open road.  I had my route planned out — down Dessau Rd. to Palmer Ln. which would connect me to US 290 then onto I-610 and finally, once I hit I-10 I knew I was on the last leg of my journey.

While I was on 290, just north of Houston, I was met with an interesting encounter.  I initially attributed the bad driving style of the SUV in the lane next to me to inconsiderate, “road rage”-prone, and possibly drunk college students, so I decided to decrease my speed to let them pass.  The funny thing is when I decreased my speed, they did the same, in fact, the vehicle seemed to be drawn to me like a magnet  for at least a couple of miles.  At this point, I was really getting nervous because I was driving an over-sized vehicle with a trailer attached and limited viewing capacity.  I started a conversation with God petitioning Him for safety.  After a few minutes, the vehicle corrected its erratic driving and seemed to slow in order to allow me to pass.  As I did, I glanced over into the passenger window of the SUV and read a sign that they had just placed in the window, it read, “Good Luck Coach Win!”  My heart sank and leaped  for joy at the same time.  It turns out that riding in that SUV were a couple of kids that I had worked with that summer (and several consecutive summers prior to that one).  They were with their parents heading to the coast for a quick vacation before school started.  The reason for the erratic driving was, evidently, to buy them enough time to find something to write there well wishes on.

But what are the odds that out of the whole state of Texas highway system, on a Saturday afternoon, that family would meet up with me in such a manner.  Up until that encounter, I was frustrated because I was three hours behind my anticipated schedule for the day, but to see how God planned such a delicate opportunity helped reassure me of His call and remind me of His promise to never leave me nor forsake me.  As I continued my trip, I grew more expecting.  I had already made several “spy out the land” jaunts to investigate my destination, but, this particular time, I was taking the big plunge.  As I said before, I knew once I merged onto I-10 I would be on the final leg of my journey … a journey that ended in Central City New Orleans at the intersection of Terpsichore and Freret at 11:30pm.  I had “stepped out of the boat.”  It was here that my appointment was.

5 years ago today, August 2, 2008, I arrived in New Orleans in answer to God’s unction within my spirit.  His mandate to me was, “Affect the city for the Kingdom”.  That’s a weighty task.  These last five years have been unremarkable to say the least.  So much has happened in just a short time, yet I know there is more in store.  I am not that girl who left Texas 5 years ago and I haven’t yet fully stepped into the task He has assigned me to, but, just this morning, I seem to have stepped into an opportunity that most effectively resembles the vision that He has placed within my spirit.  This is the starting point!  I take great pleasure in realizing that I am on the mission field to which He has called me.

Last week, I completed step #1 of the original game plan he presented before me.  I used to think that that step needed to have been completed within the first 2 years of me being in NOLA, but it turns out that when He unveiled that plan to me, there were a few things hidden in the crease of the book that I did not see.  And it is a good thing that I did not see those things before I came upon them, because, otherwise I may have never taken this plunge.  As difficult and heart-wrenching as those things were, it was a much needed time of emotional healing, and I know that they were necessary to get me to the point I am at today in which I am able to embrace each event and opportunity He places before me and have confidence that, “He knows the thoughts and plans He has for me.  Plans to prosper me and not to harm me.  Plans to give me a hope and a future.”

Do you remember where you were 5 years ago or even just 2 years or 10 years ago? … He does, and He has always got a plan drawn up just for you.

Psalm 91:1 (W.O.W. translation)* —

He who makes his home in the secret place of refuge that belongs to the Most High will in reality be securely fixed and stable under the protection of the inseparable companion of The Almighty.

see also:  Psalm 16:9; Psalm 19:21; Isaiah 42:3; Hebrews 13:5

* W.O.W. translation means World Of Wendolynn, It is my personal paraphrase of the scripture.

2 Responses to “Do you remember …?”

  1. Marcella Says:

    Wendolyn your life inspires me. To up and leave life as you know it in Houston for your calling in New Orleans allows me to see your faith in our Lord Jesus the Christ just like Abraham. Thank you for your faith in action not only is it encouraging but also contagious. May our Father continue to bless you along the journey 🙂

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