The way I see it

Facebook post for 8/27/2012:

I was walking to school this morning, definitely feeling the wake up breezes of our friend Isaac as he cruises through the Gulf ever-so-briskly on his way to visit us, and I turned on Pandora Radio to hear Jesus Culture singing, “blow mighty breath of God…move in power and grace”.  Coincidental?  I think more like Ordained-ental (Psalm 139:16).  Remember, whatever Isaac brings, God is in control and those that have a covenant with Him can Rest assured.

Blog written 9/2/2012:

WOW!!!!  A lot has happened in a week.  When I look back at the moment I posted the above comment on Facebook, I must admit that I didn’t imagine that the next five days would play out as they did.  First of all, I must preface this by saying, for those of you who don’t know, I am a Texas girl and, even more so, I was born and raised in the suburbs of one of the largest metropolitan cities of that state.  In other words, if my name were Dorothy, I would be telling my cat, “Joy, I don’t think we’re in Texas anymore”. It’s been a little more than 4 years that I have resided in the New Orleans area and, for at least three of those years, I was in culture shock.  That’s not a bad thing, it just, well… you take a single girl in her mid-30s, pluck her up and replant her 524 miles away from her original roots and …. I think farmers and gardeners know what I am talking about.  I came to fulfill the specific mandate that God gave me – “Affect the City for the Kingdom”.  I am still maturing into the vessel that God needs to use in order to fulfill that mission and I am almost constantly reminded that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called (Hebrews 13:20-21).  And sometimes He is ever-so graceful to beat that equipment into me while I am kicking and screaming.  He is such a loving Father.

When we were dismissed from school at noon on Monday, I was excited because it meant extra study time to catch up on reading assignments that I was behind on (I am in school full-time for the first time in 16 years and I have a fully loaded schedule).  Still hampered by my Texas mindset, I was optimistic that this storm would blow over very quickly, despite the forecast predictions, and we would be back to work and school by Wednesday.  I was diligent to immediately attack my studies so as to take advantage of the extended weekend that I was granted.  However, by Tuesday evening when our friend Isaac officially knocked on the door and forced his way into our land this Texan got a weee bit nervous.  I can only recall one major almost natural disaster that I have experienced in my life and that was about six years ago in Waco, Texas.  Whereas the Gulf is “Hurricane Central”, there is a portion of Texas that is known as “Tornado Alley”.  It was a close call, but fortunately the tornado only took out the restaurant that we (the high school track team that I was coaching) ate dinner at 5 hours previously.  The horrific sirens were the scariest thing about that whole ordeal.  Anyway, back to Tuesday night, the gust of wind and rattles at my door started to disturb me as well as the flying roof shingles from my neighbor’s house.  Then, when the power went out I tried to stay strong as I slept through that first night by remembering the 3 weeks I recently spent in Uganda with no electric and no running water.  I thought I was a pro.  Wednesday wasn’t too bad, as I got used to the wind surges and found a bucket to catch dripping water from a leak, but once we neared the 24-hour mark of no electricity and I ran out of books to read and things to clean, I got a little ansy and that’s when I realized that this was only a Category One storm.  WOW!  According to the calendar, it was August 29.  Exactly 7 years after that massive Category Five storm hit this same area.  In fact, the house that I currently live in was under water as a result of that event (then again, because of that, this house had to be completely remodeled in order to be habitable and I am the recipient of this gorgeous living space).  REALITY CHECK!!!!!!

The week before Isaac graced us with his presence, I began to hear the buzz that has become characteristic of this season of the year.  It was an unfortunate incident that has left a huge scare.  Initially, I only received second hand press-released information as I was securely residing in my Texas home.  Little did I know at that moment 7 years ago, I would have the opportunity to meet and work with those who had the first hand experience?  Those of you who know me know that I tend to maintain several part-time jobs because I like the variety and flexibility.  One of those jobs happens to be at the venue that served as refuge from the storm for many during that time.  Periodically, as co-workers and I are tending to our duties, a trigger will spark a memory and cause them to reminisce about how they survived and participated in an incident that no one ever predicted.  Throughout the last 4 years, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to hear many stories of the ‘real deal’.  Then, I reflect on how Ordained-ental it was for God to guide me to attend a church that I soon found out was one of the first food distribution headquarters as the City began to rebuild from such a traumatic experience.

As I sit here writing this, I really can’t pull together all my thoughts concerning this incident and I am sure that it sounds like I am just mindlessly rambling, but believe me when I say that I had a good purpose for writing today, I just can’t figure out exactly what it was.  For the last eight weeks, I have heard God almost constantly whispering, “what’s in your hands”.  In the natural, I look at them and I see that they are empty, but as we are to know all things and people after the spirit and not of the flesh (that includes ourselves), I have to realize that there is plenty in my hands, and it is sufficient enough for the task at hand.  Let’s also look at the storms and times in the same light; we must see it after the spirit and not after the flesh.  Isaac was the son of the promise “and Isaac dug again the wells of water…” (Genesis 26:18).  That water is symbolic of the new life, refreshing river.  That water is a symbol of fresh joy.  There was a catastrophic hurt seven years ago and at that time God gave me a vision of refreshing waves sweeping over NOLA.  A few months after that, He prompted me to make preparations to move to NOLA to be a part of what He is doing.  I believe that seven signifies the number of completion (I am a Bible College student, but not a scholar, please forgive me if I am wrong). Like I said, I am not yet fully mature for what God has called me to here in NOLA, but I do see that it is time to possess the healing for this land and it is time for us to look at “What’s in our hands”

One Response to “The way I see it”

  1. Karen Says:

    Awesome blog. Now you know what the real deal is. Living through the eye if the storm

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