Let’s play Hide-N-Seek

Do you remember playing that when you were younger, or, if you are a parent, you probably still play that with your little ones. Well, God has entered into a friendly game of ‘Hide-n-Seek’ with us. It is all a part of our purpose – He is challenging us to open our eyes to what we can find if we really press in. In Jeremiah 29:11-14, God says that He is the only one who knows the exact plans and purposes He has for our life but the key to us understanding those plans and purposes is for us to abandon all other things in order to know Him and Him alone. God’s promise is to give us prosperity in all areas (mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical) when we desire Him and seek Him more than anything else. Our purpose for being created is to fellowship with God and bring others along, not just for the ride, but for the eternity. We must guard our hearts and be very particular about what things we will allow to influence us. As we search every nook and crannie of our lives and the world around us looking for reasons to praise God, God is glorified. “He inhabits the praises of His people”. And when it seems that everything in life is pressing against us but we continue to press into Him, we turn the corner and find Him right there – “Arms wide opened, heart exposed” (Misty Edwards).

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