Is it in you?

Of course, I credit the advertisers of Gatorade with the initiation of this question, but I want to take it a step further. I want to go beyond the liquid filler that is promoted to replenish and nourish your body after physical exertion. I want to ask this question in light of our abilities and potential.

Yes, I am a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, so I could go on all day about anatomy and nutrition and exercise necessities, but I won’t because the purpose of this blog is to bring new insite to the word fit, or as I have it spelled above F.I.T. (Fundamental, Intuitive, Training). I invite you, my readers to venture with me to explore the depths of fitness. It is my firm belief that fitness is more than just something that is achieved after a certain daily regimen of physical activity. I believe fitness to be a state of mind and an out flow of that state of mind is physical appearance/performance but that is only a minute measurement of a broader accomplishment.

My question of “Is it in you?”, refers to our potential to achieve anything our hearts desire. I would like to further dissect this question into three parts:
1) What is in you?
2) Why is it in you?
3) Will you leave it there or will you let it go free?

. . . but this post will only focus on the first part. “What is in you?”

The Psalmist David wrote “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” {Immediately, this statement sparks another question, what/who are you delighting yourself in. If in fact it is the Lord, please read further, however, if you hesitated to answer this question or if you are in the midst of any sort of confusion concerning this question, please send me a personal email at or visit the link on the sidebar entitled ‘r u fit4eternity’.}

You know those timeless questions of Who am I? and What am I here for? Well, David has revealled to us exactly how to figure it out.

What does it mean to delight?, It means to take pleasure in or enjoy or to find joy in. When we find our joy in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our hearts. But it is not at that moment that he gives us the desires, it is just at that moment that our desires are revealled to us. God gave us every one of our desires before He even spoke the earth into existence, but because He created the world and man for fellowship with him (His enjoyment / His delight), it is only when we have that heart-full urging to do things His way that He is able to release the detailed information about His plan to us and the specific understanding of what part we are to play in it.

So what is our potential? Collectively, as the human race, we are to understand the reality of God and His plan for our land and ensure that it is carried through. Individually, our potentials vary. It is a question we each must ask for ourselves and only we can fulfill that potential, regardless of what anyone else may say, think, or feel.

What is the desire of your heart that has been placed inside of you? It doesn’t matter how big or small, and, in fact there will be more than one and they will culminate toward a single end — the big picture. Our work is to identify these desires and understand their Truth (purpose) so that we may appropriately approach the task of pursuing them to fulfillment.

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